Audio Visual (A/V)

High-quality Audio Visual (A/V) is an integral part of any professional business event. At Scott Conference Center, we understand how instrumental the proper sound (audio) and look (visual) is to provide an informative, interactive, and professional event. Our on-site A/V professionals are here to make sure your presentations are heard and seen.

Elevate your event to the next level with our equipment and pricing: Equipment List

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• Presenting / Speaking
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• Livestreaming / Recording


Complimentary WiFi

WiFi is a staple for any event, that is why our WiFi is always complimentary to clients and attendees.
(Wired connections are available upon request, additional charges may apply.)


Planning an Event

No longer are the times where food is the most important part of planning an event. Competent A/V has become top priority when selecting a facility. A/V and Technology are forever changing, and we strive to be in the forefront of that change. Our A/V professionals are highly trained and available to assist with any technical need. From Live-Streaming to Powerpoint, we have the resources to implement your conference A/V requirements.

Check out SCC’s A/V FAQs section for the most common asked questions by Event Planners


Presenting / Speaking

Being a presenter or speaker for any event is no small task. Here at SCC, we want to make sure every presenter or speaker is comfortable with every A/V option available. Our team is dedicated to ensuring the A/V runs efficiently so you are able to focus on your presentation and not the technology. We HIGHLY recommend sending your presentation in advance to confirm the formatting.

Send your presentation in advance to SCC A/V professional
CLICK HERE for the Presentation Request Form


Frequently Asked Questions

What inputs are located on the Podium?
Inputs: HDMI, USB-C, Mini Display Port, and Microsoft Surface Dock

What is included on the Podium?
Podiums include a push-to-talk podium microphone, clicker, and Microsoft Surface

I have an Apple/ MacBook device, do I need to bring my own adapter?
Yes, please bring the appropriate adapter for podium hookup

What size should my presentation / powerpoint be in?
All presentations should be in Landscape with an aspect ratio: 16:9 with 1920 x 1080 resolution

Can I send my presentation early to make sure it is formatted correctly?
Absolutely, send your presentation in advance to SCC A/V professional by completing the request form below
CLICK HERE for the Presentation Request Form

What should I bring my presentation on?
You can bring them on a thumb drive or on a computer. Presentations can be loaded on the podium’s Microsoft Surface for your convenience in advance.
CLICK HERE for the Presentation Request Form

Our Presenter needs to present remotely, is that an option?
Yes, please see our LiveStreaming section

Some of our attendees are joining the event remotely, is that an option?
Yes, please see our LiveStreaming section

What are the microphone options and how many can I use?
(8) Wireless and (8) Lavaliere
Up to twelve (12) wireless microphones at any time
Podiums include a push-to-talk podium microphone
(The wireless microphones have up to 8 hours of life when in constant use; due to our usage of rechargeable batteries, microphone may display less charge than battery contains)

Will there be a stage in the room?
There is a stage available in Center Room only or with the full conference center rental. Individually the East, West, and Executive Boardroom do not have a stage.

How big is the Stage?
Our consists of (4) 6’ x 8’ sections, 18” height, (2) staircases included
“Wide” Stage: 6’ x 32’
“Deep” Stage: 8’ x 24’

What does the A/V Package include?
The package includes a podium with digital audio and video hookups (adapters), laser projector(s), 15 ft drop down screen(s), podium microphone, clicker with laser pointer, and rolling magnetic glass board.

Our speaker would like a confidence monitor(s) are they available and how many?
Absolutely, 42” monitor displayed in front of stage and there are (2) available

Our vendors or attendees need power; what options are available?
Extension cords and power strips are available and are subject to an additional charge.
Location and requests must be coordinated in advance

Are uplights available for the stage and event room?
LED Up-Lights are available and have the ability to customize to any RBG scale color
Up to 15 lights are available

Can I customize the Pre-function TVs and in what format?
Absolutely, we are happy to customize these for you.

Entry horizontal TVs dimensions: 16:9 (1920 x 1080)
Pre-function pillars vertical TVs dimensions: 9:16 (1080 x 1920)
Support formats: .jpeg .jpg .png .mp4
For multiple pictures, use PowerPoint Slide Show

Is there an additional charge to customize the TVs in the Pre-function?
No, there are no additional fees.

What are the connection options for the Omaha Room’s TV?
We use Solstice Wireless Display throughout the property. You are able to wireless screencast your laptop or device from your seat anywhere in the event room.
CLICK HERE to learn how to use Solstice

What do you have available for an attendee hard of hearing?
We have listen assistive devices available upon request

I am nervous about my Presentation formatting properly and would like to schedule a run-through, is that possible?
Absolutely, please contact your meeting’s Event Coordinator to request an in-person run-through



Livestreaming / Recording

SCC-hosted Zoom meeting:
• Zoom webinar with up to 500 attendees
• All microphones provided by SCC as well as desktop audio can be used in Zoom webinar
• Available by request prior to meeting’s date: Registration and attendee reports
• Available by request prior to meeting’s date: Digital recording of the of Zoom meeting (raw video are available via SharePoint drive within a few business days)

Client-hosted streaming:
• Clients are welcome to use their own streaming service
• SCC and its staff are not responsible for the setup, implementation, and/or functionality of microphones and streaming cameras with client-provided streaming service
• Any AV professional support may be subject to $75.00 per hour fee

Pricing includes up to 8 hours of recording
Recording options:
• Stationary recording of stage/presenter
• Slides-only with audio
• Picture-in-picture of speaker with slides and audio
Recordings are exported as 1920 x 1080 MP4 files
Raw videos are available via SharePoint drive within a few business days

I would like to say that Jerrica and Robyn were fantastic to work with - from start to finish. Their responses were quick and thorough and always friendly, ie. I felt like a client who mattered to them. They wanted us to have a successful event as much as we did. And, I have to say the same thing about Dustin and Chris. Dustin went out of his way to offer solutions and help explain high tech to a very low tech person (thank you!). The staff who were running the food and catering were exceptional as well. Believe me, it's not the norm nowadays. The staff were professional, helpful, responsive, and friendly. We would love to come back with another event. Thank you so much!

Anita, ACEC